Wednesday, September 10, 2014

3. Our Perfectionist God

How overdue this post is! I've actually been trying to write it for months. But the words are never quite right. I can't seem to proclaim as loudly or neatly as I want to this wonderful truth:


And not perfect like we think of perfect...

We say "perfect" when things are convenient. God's timing is more than convenient.
We say "perfect" when something fits together really well. God's unifying work is more than that.
We say "perfect" when the highest standards we set are met. God IS the standard.

What's amazed me most recently is that both God's intentions and His actions are perfect. 

So often we do things that end up hurting someone or failing...BUT we meant well. 

Like when I make all sorts of plans for my husband after work so we can have tons of fun because I love him and want him to have fun (but he ends up feeling more stressed and tired because he really needed quiet time.) Or, when I say something that comes out sounding insulting (but I mean it as a compliment.) Or, when someone gives me a hug (but squeezes too tight and it hurts.)

It's just as often that we do something that makes someone happy or works out for good...but we meant ill. 

Like when I nicely clean up the whole apartment (just to point out to my poor husband that I did all that work and he didn't.) Or when I give someone a vague compliment that makes them feel good (but that I actually meant very critically.)

You get the picture. 

That's not how it is with our Lord. When He means something for good, His will is perfect AND He does what is good, because His way is also perfect.

What does Scripture tell us about the unified, genuine, unchanging perfection of God?

-His works are perfect, He does no wrong (Deut 32:4)
-His way and His Word are flawless (2 Sam 22:31)
-His knowledge and all that flows from it is perfect (Job 36, 37)
-His law is perfect for what it is designed for: reviving and shaping (Psalm 19:7)
-His faithfulness and resulting plans are perfect (Isaiah 25:1)
-His beauty and splendor is perfect (Ezekiel 16, 27, 28)
-His gifts are perfect (James 1:17)
-His will in all things is perfect (Romans 2:2)
-His power is perfect, without any contribution (2 Corinthians 12:9)
-His love is perfect and casts out fear (1 John 4:18)
-His work in our lives makes our path perfect (Psalm 18:32)
-His person in Christ perfects us (Col 1:28, Matt 5:48)
-His perfection and the perfection through which He creates, revives, and works are forever (Hebrews 10:14)

Lord where can I look
When every view I find
Is darkened, obscured, and surely tainted by lies?
When the best that I’ve found
Has an end to itself and there’s still a gap
But somehow we’re bound in it?
Lord, I praise you
That when my eyes search you out,
You’re enough, you unify perfectly
This broken, sinful world and all of its content,
Simply because you are.

I can look to you, Perfect LORD. 
What a sight for sore eyes.

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