Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry –His Sustenance and Joy are Forever!

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry –His Sustenance and Joy are Forever!


We’re celebrating. We’re buying and giving gifts, decorating our home, eating plenty of sugar, and spending time with the people we love. It’s a season of thanks, of joy, of sharing, and of giving.

General merriment fills the air as people bustle around malls and take in the lights lining the street.

Our carols tell us of the spirit that fills the world at this time.

Christians –rejoice! You get to celebrate all these things, and the birth of a savior, and the God who is the giver of all good gifts!

What has He given us? To list a few:

·         Jesus. Our Savior and Lord. Born fully God and fully man that He might identify with us, take our place before the judgment throne, and be counted worthy.

·         The Cross and the Empty Grave. He suffered, died, and was buried in our stead. He rose again, to live forever by the side of God and reign sovereign.

·         Adoption. Into the family of God, as His beloved children. Those He pursues, loves, disciplines, delights in, accompanies, and more. Blessed with an inheritance!

·         The Testimony of His Holy Life. An example for us, evidence of His power, and a deeper glimpse into the heart and character of God.

·         A Firm Foundation. His Word stretches from the beginning of time, and it speaks to us now. Grounding us in truth and offering life to us, His Word is the accessible foundation we rely on.

·         The Holy Spirit, Our Helper. Stirring within us, prompting, guiding, and reaching us at our core. His presence readily apparent and active in our lives.

·         Freedom. In a world full of burdens, expectations, pressure, suffering, and limits –He has given us freedom. The freedom is this: His Yoke. His Burden. The direction and weight of a perfect, loving master who strengthens and supplies for our every need. We are free to live in His perfect Will.

·         An Infinite Well of Hope and Joy. Speaking of His provision –joy. Hope. Love. Patience. The fruits of the Spirit. The character of God. The way of righteousness. All comfort. Entirely accessible, without end, to us all day, every day. Come to the well!

·         Everlasting Life. That’s right. Forever. His sustenance and joy are forever. We get to be with Him forever!

·         The Promise. And that is guaranteed. If you’ve repented and turned your life over to Christ, He has transformed you. Just think, that transformation into a new creation is somehow just the start of a work that He will do in you until you are brought to completion. And you WILL be brought to completion. He promises.

More to celebrate, more to praise Him for! What are you rejoicing in today?